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Call for host library proposals!

The University of Michigan has received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to bring maker education to all areas of Michigan for libraries, community groups, educators, civic leaders, and more. Libraries of all stripes will be the hubs for this professional learning.
We’re seeking 8 host library sites around Michigan (we’ll host a 9th in Ann Arbor) to help us recruit and host these three-day events in Summer 2016 (with more workshops coming in 2017).
2016 host libraries receive:
  • a public maker event organized by U-M project staff
  • a $500 stipend
We are especially eager to work with libraries in rural areas and would love to find two sites in the UP.
If your library itself lacks meeting space, but you have a community partner (like a local school) who could host the events, that’s fine.
Having done maker education work around the U.S. and in China, Australia, India, and Italy, we’re excited about being right here in our Michigan home, helping libraries and their communities think about how making can help spurn creative thinking, innovation, or just delight.
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