Michigan Makers at Scarlett, Winter 2018, Sessions 1 & 2

Returning to Scarlett we had contacted the after-school coordinator Sal Barrientes, and he had promoted our club more broadly throughout the school and when we returned we had more than double the students we had last semester! We almost ran out of buttons for students to make!

Our first couple sessions involved brainstorming what sessions would be most engaging for the students. We heard multiple students ask for building their own videogames and a couple for slime as well. Other suggestions, like “robots”, were a little beyond our abilities, but we tried to tease out what exactly the students wanted.

We also re-introduced the concept of Design Challenges, but students felt a little constrained by them. Since we had so many new students, we decided to do backstitching with them, but challenged them to first start with a sketch and a plan for how they wanted to use the completed design — what item would they end up ironing it onto back home?



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