Michigan Makers at Scarlett, Winter 2018, Session 5 & 6: Zines & Handsewn Notebooks

MM@Scarlett: 2/8/2018

This week, we made Zines with the students! Having a few artists in the group meant that they got the chance to shine, but all the students enjoyed getting a chance to write something that was important to them!

We also took a suggestion for the following week about making our own notebooks using hand-sewing techniques. This was probably our most successful project from start to finish! We prepped the “signatures” (collections of blank pages, to be sewn together), with thumbtack-punched holes (6) down the middle. We also prepped several hand-sewing needles. The method for sewing them together was a little difficult for the students to understand, even with demonstrations and diagrams, but most of them eventually completed the sewing together of the signatures.

We then had several pieces of old clothing in different styles for the students to choose from for their cover of their notebook. One student really wanted the breast pocket to be on the front of his notebook! Others chose leather as their cover. This project took the whole 90 minute session and students left with something that was able to be used right away. Some students wanted to created addtional appliques for their notebooks in the coming weeks as well.

MM@Scarlett: 2/15/2018

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