Michigan Makers at Scarlett, Fall 2017, Meeting #7: Toy Takeapart

Today was a day to bring an old Michigan Makers favorite to Scarlett Middle School. Toy Take Apart! After getting the students geared up in goggles and gloves, they were handed screwdrivers, pliers and any tool they might need and a box filled with old toys.

Toy take apart is always a mix of curiosity, fun, and patience. Removing dozens of screws can test anyone’s patience, but nothing is more satisfying than removing the last screw and seeing what is inside of the old toy. One student spent her day taking apart an animatronic dog toy. Nothing brought her more joy and creeped everyone else out more than seeing the dog without any of its fur. It’s white plastic casing looking more alien than dog like. One student turned an old frog clock into a vase for fake flowers, really pushing the limits of what old toys can be used for.

To wrap up the day students were able to use their personal favorite tool – the button maker. The students love taking old magazines and looking for cool pictures or patterns to create into pins for their bags or magnets for their lockers.

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