Michigan Makers at Scarlett, Fall 2017, Meeting #6: Backstitching

Today at Scarlett Middle School only one student came for Michigan Makers. With only one student the focus was on direct one on one interaction which worked out for the activity. Today we learned how to backstitch. In previous weeks we tried cross stitch but it was not the best activity for the time constraints. With back stitching an image can be created in both a simpler and quicker way. Backstitching is a way to make a solid line of thread on an embroidery project, unlike the patchy line created by the classic running stitch. Using a pencil the student drew out her initial and a heart on the fabric. With some instruction and encouragement she was able to slowly trace the design with her thread and create a patch that with iron on Heat and Bond she can with her parents help iron on the design to a backpack or other approved fabric object.

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