Michigan Makers at Scarlett, Fall 2017, Meeting #10: Design Your Own Mugs

For the last session at Scarlett before winter break, the activity was designing our own mugs. Each student was given a IKEA mug and access to several colors of the oil based paint sharpies. Small slips of paper had the baking instructions so that students with the help of an adult could bake the design onto the mug so that it would not rub off with everyday use and washing.

Many of the students created christmas themed designs they planned on giving as gifts to friends and family. While most of the designs were hand drawn, one students used stencils to create a stop sign. Her idea was to create an image and word that would prevent her family from using her mug.

One problem that arose was how to fix any mistakes on the mugs. The sharpies were fairly permanent so any mistake had to be quickly wiped away with an alcohol wipe. Sometimes being creative or accepting the mistakes was easier than correcting them. This forced the students to be intentional with their choices as well as accepting of any small mistakes that occured.

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