Michigan Makers at Mitchell, Winter 2018, Sessions 7 & 8: Electric Jewelry & Cardboard Challenge

MM@Mitchell 3/13/2018: Cardboard and electric Jewelry

Our final set of projects over the last two weeks were Electric Jewelry (with Kristin and Ben) and a Cardboard Design Challenge (spearheaded by Sarah).

Similar to flashlights, but allowing for much more room for decoration and individual expression, our electric jewelry consisted of small LED bulbs with coincell batteries, and decorative/colored duct-tape. The students chose a duct-tape type, measured their wrists, and were able to use what they had learned previously to connect the bulb to the battery, then decorate their bracelets with knick-knacks which they hot-glued on.

Sarah’s Cardboard Challenge was a great success, engaging many of the students for the entire 90 minutes. Using our Design Thinking Game set of cards, each group of students was challenged to make an item for a specific audience (e.g. a Fat Cat, or a Librarian), that served some purpose (something to Relax, something to wear on the feet). A major design constraint was only using cardboard and MakeDo screws and plastic saws. It was amazing watching the students work together and stay focused after they had decided how to narrow down the scope of the challenge!

We sent the students home with two paper bags of junk from the junk box so they could keep making during their spring break! Many students sought out our autographs on things they had made as this was their last meeting with us. We’ll miss you all! Special thanks to Ms. Duncan the librarian, and Principal Matt Hilton for organizing such a successful semester!

MM@Mitchell 3/20/2018

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