Michigan Makers at Mitchell, Winter 2018, Sessions 3 & 4: Finger Knitting, Flashlights, & Felt Pillows

MM@Mitchell 2/06/2018

Our next two weeks saw Sarah and Tori taking more initiative by taking on their own projects. We gave the students one more option this time: finger-knitting (with Tori), flashlights (with Ben), or felt pillows (with Sarah). Organizing the zines took longer than we thought it might, but stay tuned for the ZineFest next week!

The students were able to pick a project and complete it — or sometimes move onto another one. With around 8-9 kids per project, it became a little difficult to go through the step-by-step instructions of many of our projects. The students showed a lot of patience in waiting for a mentor’s attention, and we even had a few students who were able to help their peers. In the future, we had a little bit more of a lesson at the beginning and that helped a lot.

MM@Mitchell 2/13/2018

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